Summer 2016 Travel through Myanmar and Thailand October 10, 2016 at 7:41 pm

Brief summary:

During the summer of 2016 my buddy Dominik and I spent a month in Thailand and a month in Myanmar. During this trip we had to deal with a terrorist bombing, mudslide, earthquake and a wild cobra.

Travelling and interacting with Myanmar people was something that cannot be captured by words or pictures.  Nearly everyone we encountered had an air of innocence regarding tourist scamming and had no harmful intentions.  Transport information was not current and oftentimes wrong, so we engaged with the locals more than expected which turned out to have a wonderful lasting impression on us.

As for the food, it turns out that MSG is one of the food groups and oftentimes topped with oily noodles, though we managed to stay fed and somewhat healthy. Towards the end of our travel we had gotten the hang of what we liked and also how to avoid the MSG kicker for the most part.

I only have a few words about Thailand – great food and lots of fun –

Enjoy the pictures!!!!!!

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