2022 Switzerland September 1, 2022 at 8:11 pm

Hot summer days in Florida – time for a trip to Switzerland – Hanging with my best peeps – Alpine forests – Glacier lakes – Summit climbs – and further on in the brochure in small lettering “hottest summer on record”.

Leaving out of Gainesville at a reasonable time – Priceless

Smooth travel – even got to catch up on missed Disney movies

Arrival in Brunnen – Lucerne Lake region – Central Switzerland – so beautiful we almost emojiied

Best Peeps – Martin and Nina – here we are waiting for our mystery cocktails

Stoos area – overlooking UrnerSee – we were amazed at the variety and abundance of wildflowers even up above the treeline.

Yep – conquered this peak even before lunch

Just cause I like this filter

Postcard perfect views in all directions.

Hope their painter is paid on salary.

Mistakes where made – Lessons where learned 😉

View from the beach in Brunnen

Conquered some boat rides around the lake

Neighborhood ornate church

Pretty sure this is where the Ref sits – making sure you don’t pick your nose

One of the early realtors

Of course – lots of train rides – – my favorite

Top of Europe – Jungfrau – 13,420 ft – SO COOL

Yep – navigated public transport to get to the top – all by ourselves – no additional oxygen

Aletsch Glacier – 14 miles long – receding unfortunately – – maybe next time – golf course

Pretty sure there is a pile of tourists somewhere down there

So amazing we gotta see it again

Some beautiful cities to balance out the nature

Some ambitious Swiss people thought it would be a good idea to climb a mountain in the dark and watch the sunrise for Swiss National Day – (Independence day)

Some breathtaking views

A hike in the east side of the country – 5 Glacier Lakes

Other worldly landscape up there

Again – So many flowers

This is how we properly end a strenuous hike

One of the owners of Noble Blood Tattoo – St. Gallen – my buddy Simon

Lookin Good – Classic

The one day we didn’t dress alike – needed a picture

End of a wonderful vacation – reliving memories and making new ones.

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