2019 Colombia March 27, 2019 at 9:06 pm

Return trip to visit Dominik and help however I could
Typical landscape while playing with color filter
Wild Blackberries – So Yummy
More fun with Filters
El Jefe – barking out commands to the survey crew 😉
Dominik’s Property
“Guacamole'” the big american bronco and the chief hard at work
Apparently I cant get enough of these selective color photos
Survey crew trying to keep it together
Wild orchids in a tree on the property
A local bus that is well cared for
Start the day off white
Lunch second whitest meal of the day
Finish the day off white
Medellin suburb
Looking out across the city
Modern and classical building styles
Los Amigos
Sometimes sensory overload
Lots of great public artwork
This is a rendering of what the boardwalk/promenade is to look like in Guatape’
This is what it looks like
Trail through the woods at 9000 feet
Finding Jesus
Typical farming – here is cabbage which I enjoy but didn’t see on any menu
Another well loved local bus
Trail in a cloud forest
Following the water to a cascade
Special needs hikers
Oh man – cant wait
Can I get my money back
That’s what we came to see
Ok maybe just one more of these fun filter pictures
Getting to the cascade area
Trail going to the clouds
Wildlife encountered
Horseshoes made of re-Bar
Excellent form grasshopper
First living thing planted by Dominik on his property
Cool plant – “The End” until next time

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