Something completely different…………….

Well, the imminent cold weather convinced me that staying in China was not a good idea. One, two, go – then I was in Phuket – an island off the south of Thailand.  Having left my winter clothes in Bangkok I was only traveling with a couple shirts swim shorts, flip flops and a smile. […]

Ending the China Run

Time for me to get out of Red China.  Thirty days has come and gone and now the weather is tempting me to the south.  If all goes well I’ll make it back to Thailand and continue on.  Below are some random pictures that I thought I’d share.

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Visa time for me was running low for China but I wanted to do one last activity, so I hit the rode north from Dali to get to Lijiang.  From there the plan was to continue on to Tiger Leaping Gorge.  This trip turned out to be the highlight of my journey (besides the first […]

Dragons Backbone to Dali

Before leaving Yangshuo I went on a day trip to Longsheng so that I could witness the worlds most beautiful rice terraces. The word that sums the day up would be “Cloudy”.  I had expected it to be but for $12 I thought what the heck its a ride in the country. A few good […]

Mainland China – Yangshuo

Now officially I’m traveling by myself in a communist country without knowing more than one word of their language.  My first experience of this great land was at the train station where a security guard said “You go away”.  I expressed in my best dumb look face that I didn’t know what the heck I […]

Far East -2010-

Hello there, so far I have been traveling for about a month and decided it’s about time to start writing down some of the sights and activities that I have experienced. Since there is a lot of catching up to do, I’ll summarize the best I can. I starting off the journey by flying standby, […]